Embodied Conversational Characters
as Individuals
16th July, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
in conjunction with
AAMAS2003 Conference

Author(s)Paper Title
1Tim BarkerThe Illusion of Life Revisited
2Amy L. BaylorThe Split-Persona Effect with Pedagogical Agents
3Massimo Bilvi
Catherine Pelachaud
Communicative and Statistical Eye Gaze Predictions
4Stéphanie Buisine
Sarkis Abrilian
Jean-Claude Martin
Evaluation of Individual Multimodal Behavior of 2D Embodied Agents in Presentation Tasks
5Andrew J. Cowell
Kay M. Stanney
On Manipulating Nonverbal Interaction Style to Increase Anthropomorphic Computer Character Credibility
6W. Lewis JohnsonDramatic Expression in Opera, and Its Implications for Conversational Agents
7E. Krahmer
S. van Buuren
Zs. Ruttkay
W. Wesselink
Audio-visual Personality Cues for Embodied Agents: An experimental evaluation
8Andrew MarriottMentor System Customisation
9Junichiro Mori
Helmut Prendinger
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Evaluation of an Embodied Conversational Agent with Affective Behavior
10Danielle Pelé
Gaspard Breton
Franck Panaget
Samuel Loyson
Let's find a restaurant with Nestor. A 3D embodied conversational agent on the web !
11Patricia Griffin
Peter Hodgson
Scott Prevost
Character User Interfaces for Commercial Applications
12Zs. Ruttkay
V. van Moppes
H. Noot
The jovial, the reserved and the robot
13Santi Saeyor
Koki Uchiyama
Mitsuru Ishizuka
Multimodal Presentation Markup Language on Mobile Phones
14Sidi Soueina An Enneagram based Model for Personality Based Adaptive Systems
15Gábor Tatai
Annamária Csordás
Árpád Kiss
László Laufer
Attila Szaló
The Chatbot Who Loved Me

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